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Global Foundation:

Business Transformation Review Project

Global foundation moving from a custom built grants management system to a new online solution, started the process by retaining FocuseD LLC to conduct a 6-month Business Transformation Review. 


Our services followed proven employee-centric methodologies to ensure all staff at the Foundation had a voice and participated in the process.   To achieve this, we built a Core Team with staff representing all areas of the foundation.  Through a series of workshops, we analyzed data inputs and outputs, the utilization of that data and the staff involved.  The team worked together and:

  • Obtained and collected staff and grantee feedback from the US and global offices on inefficient processes and procedures;

  • Evaluated tools needed for program review and management approval processes; eliminated the need for redundant forms or summaries

  • Redesigned grant workflows and processes to reduce steps and multiple touches;

  • Streamlined and re-organized staff roles and responsibilities; created a new cadence of compliance throughout the process;

  • Redesigned application forms – moved from multiple applications to one common application;

  • Redesigned post-award grantee reporting forms to facilitate new learning and evaluation strategies;

  • Enhanced taxonomy, budget and classification structures to fit new program evaluation guidelines.


This process allowed us to identify current bottlenecks in their process and opportunities for improvements.  At the end of the 6-month process, the Foundation had greater clarity on their true timeline for technology implementation plan.  Additionally, enhancements were made from the improvement projects which reduced obstacles in their grantmaking process, while improving transparency with constituents and increasing the impact of their grantmaking.


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