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FocuseD Consulting

Leading the Non-profit Community to Effective Adoption of Innovation and Technology



Today’s technologies offer unprecedented capacity for organizations to become more impactful than ever before. Our mission at FocuseD is to help organizations in the Philanthropic Community reach their highest operational potential and to have efficient utilization of technology.  Our strategic consulting services guide organizations to operational effectiveness by identifying clear goals and facilitating action-driven plans for successful technology adoption.


We bring over 30 years of experience working with the community through their technology evolutions.  We know that spending the time upfront to analyze and develop effective outcomes is key to successful technology adoption. Whether switching systems, transitioning to cloud-based platforms, or adopting CRM tools; organizations should pause and evaluate how these systems will affect their entire organizations.  Our employee-focused approach ensures we capture the voice and requirements that span the entire organizational hierarchy.  There is no project too small or too big, we are here to help. 




Project Management






What We Do




Providing a holistic approach, to the review of systems, processes, people, and technology. Thus enabling your organization to identify improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Working with Laptop

Digital Strategy

and Advisory Services

Working with your team to understand, envision and articulate "digital" as a business strategy and implement it across the organization.

Business Meeting

Implementation and Project Management

As an extension to your team, we will assume overall accountability for projects; be proactive in identifying risks, and ensure on-time, on-budget project completion.


Risk & Change Management

Leading your organization to achieve greater impact and maximize impact by integrating more explicit risk management practices into daily business practices. 



Develop and deliver role-based, end-user training to staff and internal or external stakeholders.

Our Approach

We understand that people are the heart of the business and utilize an employee-focused approach to incorporate everyone’s insights into the evolution of the organization.  The rationale for change, strategies, or goals should be easily digestible to those on the front-line and the managers who support them, which is why an employee-focused approach is essential to a successful project.


Our approach and methodology include:

  • Working with leadership to promote change from the top down but allowing employees to participate and guide the necessary change.

  • Conducting “white-board” workshops and guiding staff to think outside of the box.

  • Creating cross-functional teams to brainstorm and vet ideas for improvements.

  • Developing communication plans which ensure transparency and effective strategies for change management.

  • Working together to uncover opportunities for improvement.

  • Identifying short, medium, and long-term projects for organizational transformation.

Our Approach

Let Us Help

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